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Spray painting a canvas after a skate sesh. Pager One. Tristan Mitnon. Royal Stain

SPRAYING PAINT This was a cool freestyle on a canvas using all spray paint can’s. Had no idea what I was going to paint and I think it turned out pretty cool. I sold this one right after posting on my instagram @royalstain which if you get a second go check out! Using mainly reds, […]

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Tristan Minton Gets Write-up in Metromix

Check out the latest write-up about Tristan Minton of Royal Stain in Metromix, “Painting the town: Q&A with Denver’s own Tristan Minton” by Molly Strasburger. Click on the image above to read the article, or on the link below: http://denver.metromix.com/events/essay_photo_gallery/painting-the-town-q/2405557/content

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