Spray painting a canvas after a skate sesh. Pager One. Tristan Mitnon. Royal Stain


This was a cool freestyle on a canvas using all spray paint can’s. Had no idea what I was going to paint and I think it turned out pretty cool. I sold this one right after posting on my instagram @royalstain which if you get a second go check out! Using mainly reds, black, and some orange spray paint this was just fun learning and practicing with spray paint. I used Gold Montana black and I believe my red’s were Kobra, and Ironlak can’s. All those paint company’s are pretty amazing and I love painting small right now, i’m so use to painting big murals it’s nice to just rock these small canvas’s and using mainly silver and gold dot tips! I’ll always prefer a New York Fat cap and i’ll get to using those on some bigger stuff here in the future. Thanks for tuning in and I hope you learned something or at least had fun watching. ~ Tristan Minton ~ Pager One ~ Royal Stain ~ Treez