Painting an elevator in a mansion with Tristan Minton @RoyalStain

Got hit up for some commissioned art work painting in an elevator in Tennessee. After going back and forth on design work and budget for the mural we ended up with a very cool monopoly guy pop’n champaign, with a bunch of extra flare. So i got my color’s together for the mural and got everything shipped and booked a trip to go paint! I appreciate all the inquiries for painting murals, you can always hit me up on @RoyalStain on instagram or on This mural was all spray paint which is never fun in small places but I love a challenge. I only had one evening to paint this so let me know what you think. If you can please like Subscribe and follow 🙂 Appreciate all the support ~ Tristan Minton ~ Royal Stain ~ Pager One ~ Treez