Painting a vinyl toy ~ Artsy x Pager One @Royal Stain

This is such a cool project. From getting to designing the silhouette of the Artsy Toy Astronaut and producing the whole thing thru Once it arrives and you get to hold it, and get to start painting it, what an awesome feeling! Here is the process of painting my Artsy Commander Blaze. Let me know what you think and if you want to be apart of some future art shows with the Toys as this will be an ongoing project. Please like and Subscribe and hit me up for commission work or to collaborate on a project! Go check out @RoyalStain for some behind the scenes action as well as @TristanGetsDown to see more illustration and art of mine! Thanks for supporting! ~ Tristan Minton ~ Pager One ~ Royal Stain ~ TristanGetsDown ~ TREEZ