Custom Nike Shoe canvas – spray paint and acrylic – Royal Stain – Tristan Minton

Custom Air Force One Nike Canvas! 

This was a fun commission piece that just came in. Being a shoe lover this project was right up my alley. My client wanted this Nike Air Force One, Gore Tex shoe on a canvas. So I just started free styling on this piece which I made out of 2 large canvas’s side by side. I used a lot of spray paint, and on top of that I used some different acrylic paints for finer details. Hope you dig the process and video and would love to hear some feed back if you have any comments!?!? Let me know and hit me up for any custom work you’re looking to bring to life. Thanks again, for behind the scenes follow @RoyalStain on Instagram or to see other videos & or to buy merch / art. ~ Tristan Minton ~ Pager One ~ Royal Stain ~ Treez