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Painting a booth at SIA trade show – Pager Oner / Shred Optics

PAINTING ON TRADE SHOW BOOTHS Got called to do a last minute mural on a booth at the SIA trade show in Denver Co. This was years ago now I’m not sure what year I did this, but was a fun project. Not sure everyone else at the show appreciated the spray painting. This was […]

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Painting aliens in the mountains of Colorado – Pager One – Royal Stain

ALIENS IN THE WOODS!!! What a fun weekend to get away from the world and out in the mountains during these Covid times… Was a fun scrap can piece on the camper on the top of the mountain. I didn’t really have a plan for this piece, just grabbed cans and started painting a character. […]

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Spray painting a canvas monster

AHHHHH MORE CANVAS!!! Fun afternoon painting a canvas in my back yard! Trying a new style using all spray paint and the smallest tips I can find. I used ironlak and kobra paint mainly on this canvas. I’m really just trying to focus on the lighting more then anything else, I had no plan of […]

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Third eye canvas – messing with spray paint – Royal Stain

WINDOW DESIGN Just got some time to mess around on a canvas for a little bit today! Always fun trying to learn new tips & painting styles! Using a few different brands of spray paint, and mainly using the white tips with the grey dots or gold dots! Pretty small caps compared to the normal […]

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Putting graphics on the windows of my 4 runner!

WINDOW DESIGN I had some extra prints that weren’t right that I wanted to use so I put them on my 4 runner! Turned out cool for being extra stuff I was going to throw away. The graphics are just a huge collage I made of my illustrations nothing secific, so what actually ended up […]

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Spray painting a flower on a canvas – Pager One

PAINTING FLOWERS – Spray Paint I just started messing around with some new techniques using spray paint. Going to take some time to do it how I want but I’m glad to start learning! Using a bunch of different spray paint cans, ironlak, Montana gold, kobra, and mainly using a silver dot or gold dot […]

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Spray paint time with Pager One! Fun back yard graffiti

Back Yard BBQ Painting Had a blast at my buddies house finishing off spray painting his back yard! We used a ton of spray paint, some old cans we just exploded on the fence with a screw and a board for some back grounds to start. Was extremely hot out but we ended up finishing […]

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Spray painting a canvas after a skate sesh. Pager One. Tristan Mitnon. Royal Stain

SPRAYING PAINT This was a cool freestyle on a canvas using all spray paint can’s. Had no idea what I was going to paint and I think it turned out pretty cool. I sold this one right after posting on my instagram @royalstain which if you get a second go check out! Using mainly reds, […]

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Flourish fade freestyle spray paint on canvas – Pager One

DTS Halloween Skate Sesh! Just trying to mess around with caps and cans and figure out lighting with no real plan. Love just getting a canvas and starting to paint wit no real idea other then molding the canvas into something worth looking at! Thanks a bunch for checking out the video, I’m selling these […]

17,Jul,2020 Blog, Featured royalstain
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Halloween DTS Skate sesh

DTS Halloween Skate Sesh! We finally made it out skating in costume!!! was fun shooting and hanging out with all the homies. Down to skate krew, we went to the 38th and york DIY spot in Denver Colorado to hang out and shoot some cool stuff. Everyone had fun and i even got a clip […]

3,Dec,2017 Blog, Featured royalstain
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